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Bruce Brown has created innovative strategies for business leaders in all aspects of for-profit and non-profit ventures for over 35 years. His professional life has been spent assisting leaders in the creation and maturing of their vision.

Bruce's focus has always been in assisting in the envisioning and implementation of socially conscious solutions to community problems. For example, while living in the Nation of Panama, he participated in leading a non-profit which partnered with the Peace Corps in creating sustainable and self-implemented solutions for clean water delivery to the indigenous people there along with participation in the creation of the design of an efficient fireplace which produced fewer immissions which could be built by the indigenous themselves with local materials. During this same time, Bruce was asked to renovate technologies of various commercial ventures in Panama. He also administered the multi-national organization of a noted non-profit leader in Mexico which served the poorest of the poor, while also having the flexibility of assisting local persons in the development of their business visions.

Bruce's experience has related to the creative engineering of organizational, educational, and technology strategies; leading organizational, educational, and technological problem solving; revising organizational structures for small organizations up to international non-profits; discerning trends of all sorts; and leading development or revision of company service offerings. He has also often been involved in the day-to-day activities of running a growing business. An example of his leadership included being invited to consult with the certification and training heads of Red Hat/Microsoft/Oracle/Novell and Cisco in a small meeting at Novell's corporate offices in the Silicon Valley to assist them in determining better strategies for new-entrant training and being asked by Microsoft to be one of two non-Microsoft employees to consult on the creation of the then-new Microsoft Certified System Administrator credential.

For over three decades, Bruce has caused and led the maturing of technologies and related infrastructure for many organizations, taking advantage of his numerous hardware and network server certifications. He is unique in his ability to comprehend and lead changes in infrastructure and software development. For example, he led the maturing of Windows Server Networking technologies for Airbox Express, a major international package delivery company located in the nation of Panama -- including interviewing, hiring, and training their new network administrator. In this project,



I helped lead the construction of this convent
The Parish down the hill from where we lived -- my wife and kids are in the doorway.  Our organization facilitated that parish.
Me teaching at Connecting Point/Adeptio, where I led development of what turned out to be an internationally known career training program.
I was a leader of non-profit org in panama "Contextual Solutions" when we visited an elder care facility

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